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Are you considering a church renovation project for your sanctuary?
Does your church need pew upholstery, pew refinishing, pew cushions, church carpet, painting, or a complete church renovation?church pew cushions Our business is to provide your church an affordable means to achieve a great looking, comfortable place for worship. Our services include a wide variety of modifications for your church pews. We offer the very latest in new church pews design. We do pew restoration, pew refurbishing, pew refinishing, pew repair, pew upholstery, and pew reupholstery for your older pews to provide a newer, more comfortable feel.
We also carry a wide variety of church carpet and other floor covering materials such as ceramic tile, hardwood floors, vinyl tile and laminate floors of all kinds.
Do your church pews look tired and worn? Do you see slight cracks and separations at the joints of the wood? You may need your church pews refinished. Most churches have church pews and other furniture that would cost $25,000 to $50,000 at today's prices to replace. The cost of new church pews has tripled and quadrupled over the last 20 years. At Church Renovations we can provide pew refinishing and pew upholstery for about 50 - 60% of the cost of new church pews. It only makes sense to protect this valuable Investment made by your church. Contact us for a FREE EVALUATION and estimate for all your church furniture needs including pew upholstery, pew refinishing and pew cushions.
How about new stained glass windows? Our new affiliates at Bovard Studios offer the best stained glass windows for your budget. There is nothing more pleasing than the sun beaming through stained glass. To complete the total church renovation we provide stained glass windows, exterior renovations and new steeples. Have we missed anything your particular church may need? If your church has any renovation in mind please browse through our website and then contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION AND ESTIMATE on pew upholstery, pew refinishing and pew cushions.
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